Acid Etching Metal with Hydrochloric Acid

Acid Etching Metal

Bondall’s Hydrochloric Acid can be used for the Acid Etching Metal

Acid Etching Metal is the process of cutting into a metal surface using hydrochloric acid. Metal etching is used for a variety of applications, such as an industrial manufacturing application, an art technique, and a application for identifying and branding property.

The Method of Acid Etching Metal

The normal method for Acid Etching Metal is to apply protection to the areas of a metal surface, either to the whole area or just to the areas that are needed to remain unaffected. The parts of the metal to be etched are then either left uncovered or the protected material is scratched off by using tools such as an etching needle. The metal surface is then dipped in hydrochloric acid that then eats away at the exposed areas of metal, creating the desired shape or print.

Chemical Milling is a form of industrial acid metal etching. Industrial uses include the fabrication of semiconductors, the printed circuit board industry, and by the aerospace industry in fashioning aircraft components.

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