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Ballistol DIY Packs from Kit Club

Ballistol DIY Packs from Kit ClubKit Club retail a range of Ballistol DIY Packs that are handy to have around the home. All these packs contain Ballistol – an extremely effective and versatile product used for lubrication, as a corrosion inhibitor, and used to treat plastic and leather, and in new varieties for treating wounds and preventing insect bites.

Three DIY Packs Available

  1. The Outdoor Set is for treating minor injuries and wounds, and preventing infection. Its Contents consist of 11 pieces in a zip lock bag, including a 10 ml Ballistol Stichfrei tropicalized insect repellent and a 10 ml Neo Ballistol home remedy for wound care.
  2. The Animal Set is for treating minor injuries and wounds for your pet, and in preventing their infection. Contents consist of 9 pieces in a zip bag and include a 10 ml Ballistol Animal Care Oil, Ballistol Animal Treatment Tissue, and a 10 ml Ballistol Stichfrei insect repellent.
  3. Lastly, the Bike Set for assisting in quick repairs when out riding. It’s contents consist of 11 pieces in a zip bag and include patches for puncture repair and Ballistol Universal spray.

Visit Kit Club to find our more about these great products.

Acid Etching Metal with Hydrochloric Acid

Acid Etching Metal

Bondall’s Hydrochloric Acid can be used for the Acid Etching Metal

Acid Etching Metal is the process of cutting into a metal surface using hydrochloric acid. Metal etching is used for a variety of applications, such as an industrial manufacturing application, an art technique, and a application for identifying and branding property.

The Method of Acid Etching Metal

The normal method for Acid Etching Metal is to apply protection to the areas of a metal surface, either to the whole area or just to the areas that are needed to remain unaffected. The parts of the metal to be etched are then either left uncovered or the protected material is scratched off by using tools such as an etching needle. The metal surface is then dipped in hydrochloric acid that then eats away at the exposed areas of metal, creating the desired shape or print.

Chemical Milling is a form of industrial acid metal etching. Industrial uses include the fabrication of semiconductors, the printed circuit board industry, and by the aerospace industry in fashioning aircraft components.

Vist Bondall’s Acid Solutions website to find out more: Acid Etching Metal

Monocel – Timbercare Wood Varnish

wood varnishFor the ultimate protection of timber surfaces, the best wood varnish range is from Monocel. Designed for Australia’s harsh exterior environment, this range incorporates advanced nanoZ ™ technology specifically to combat the effects of UV light exposure.

Marine Grade Wood Varnish

Monocel Gold Clear Timber Varnish is a marine grade clear wood varnish that provides the highest level of protection to preserve the colour and texture of interior and exterior timber surfaces, whilst Monocel Gold Marine Grade Stain & Varnish provides protection for both interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, paneling and timber projects.

Monocel’s Timbercare website not only details both these products but many others that are ideal for wood working and timber projects. Plus there’s application guides and articles on timber inspiration to give you ideas for these projects.

Check it out here: Timbercare – Wood Varnish

Chatsworth Decor – Decorative Art Supplies

Chatsworth Decor - Decorative Art SuppliesChatsworth Decor – Decorative Art Supplies are suppliers of specialised brushes, tools, mediums and accessories for decorative paint finishes. Their products are known for providing excellent value, versatility and quality and are suitable for decorating almost any part of every room. Chatsworth Decor have products suitable for decorating floor to ceiling including the furniture, cupboards, plaster mouldings, picture frames and craft items.

The range includes Natural Sponges, Specialised Brushes, Scumble Medium, Crackle Medium, Gilt Varnishes & Waxes, Specialised waxes, and Pearlescent Paints.

Range of Decorative Art Supplies

  • Antique Waxes – Chatsworth Dark and Medium Wax provide excellent protection to most surfaces are ideal for adding an aged patina to furniture and painted effects.
  • Clearcoat – Chatsworth Clearcoat is a multifunctional sealer. It is designed to provide a strong and durable protective film which makes it suitable for many applications, both interior and exterior. As it stays crystal clear and is non yellowing, it is ideal for crafts and fine arts.
  • Crackle Medium – Chatsworth crackle medium is designed to create a crackle (aged) effect by applying it between two contrasting, acrylic colours.
  • Gilt Bases – Chatsworth Gilt Base is a special fast drying, water-based surface preparation that is applied as a base coat before gilding to seal and prepare a surface.
  • Gilt Varnishes – Chatsworth Gilt Varnish is a quick-drying acrylic varnish containing special gilt powders for applying over a Gilt Base or on most painted surfaces.
  • Gilt Waxes – Chatsworth Gilt Wax is designed to be used to restore damaged gilding or to gild surfaces over Gilt Bases or Gilt Varnish.
  • Natural Sea Sponge – Sponge is for creating a textured effect, marble or stone finish.
  • Rust Base – Chatsworth Rust Base transforms objects and furniture into aged metal. Genuine rust finishes are achieved on any surface using iron based paint on Rust Base and Oxidising Patina.
  • Scumble Medium – Chatsworth Scumble Medium can be added to acrylic paint to provide extended drying time, translucency and pattern holding ability.
  • Softeners – Softener brushes remove the sharp edge of paint and blend together different tones and colours of many of the bravura and basic finishes.
  • Stipplers – Stippler brushes provide a very sophisticated and delicate finish.
  • Verdigris Base – Chatsworth Verdigris Base is a bronze based verdigris base with oxidising patina that achieves a genuine greenish-blue finishes on any surface.

More information and pricing on these products, and order forms are available at the Chatsworth website: Chatsworth Decor – Decorative Art Supplies

Osborne Park Welding Supplies

Osborne Park Welding SuppliesOsborne Park Welding Supplies, a West Australian Owned company, has been supplying welding equipment for more than 25 years. As a family business, they’re totally committed to providing the best possible range of products and services for the welding industry.

Their experienced and helpful staff offer practical advice on all types of welding equipment, consumables and safety products. Brands include Cigweld, Kemppi, Lincoln Electric, and ESAB. They have an extensive range of MIG Welders, TIG Welders, Multi-fuction Welders, and Engine Driven Welders as well as Safety Gear, Plasma Cutters, Stick Welders and Gas Equipment. So, whether you’re a handyman or trade person, when your job depends on the availability of the right gear at the right price then visit Osborne Park Welding Supplies.

Osborne Park Welding SuppliesThey service and repair all brands at their facility in Osborne Park or if necessary, on-site. They provide fast turnaround times and minimal down time and in the event of a break down their service team are on hand with flexible solutions. In some cases, they can also loan you a machine whilst yours is being repaired.

Osborne Park Welding Supplies offer:

  • A modern and well stocked showroom
  • Provide professional and qualified staff
  • Offer demonstrations on Arc, MIG, TIG welders, and plasma cutters
  • Have qualified service technicians for in-house and on-site service and repairs
  • Is a Air-Liquide gas depot
  • Provide delivery anywhere in Australia

Visit their website: Osborne Park Welding Supplies or call them on (08) 9244 1850.

All Your Renovation Needs at Mt Lawley Hardware

Mount_Lawley_Hardware_store-40_years_experience_-_-_Traditional_Hardware_and_Old_Fashioned_Service_-_Mount_Lawley_HardwareHaving served Mt Lawley and surrounding areas for over 40 years, Mt Lawley Hardware is your local supply store for all your renovation needs. With old fashioned service, knowledgeable staff, and a great range of products, Mt Lawley Hardware is certain to satisfy any renovation requirements. They stock supplies for painting, gardening, and building plus tools and general hardware for any project. Visit them at 685a Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley or check them out online: Mount Lawley Hardware