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Woodcare using Bondall’s Monocel Range of Stains and Varnishes

High-performance, easy to use, and representing the ultimate protection for your wood and timber projects around the home, are Monocel and Monocel Gold. Designed specifically for Australia’s harsh exterior environment to combat the effects of UV light exposure, Monocel incorporates advanced nanoZ™ technology to provide you with the ultimate wood care and protection.

Visit Bondall’s Woodcare website to learn more about the Monocel range.

Natural Decking Oil from Monocel

decking_oilNatural Decking Oil from Monocel is the ideal product for protecting your wooden outdoor areas from exterior conditions. Plus, it will highlight the natural beauty and extend the life of your timber decking, patio or porch.

A high performance Natural Decking Oil, Monocel Gold is a UV enhanced, naturally pigmented enriching oil finish that provides maximum exterior durability for all types of timber decking.

Decking Oil Application Tips

When applying, use a good quality soft, clean paintbrush, applicator pad, short nap roller or by spray. For large areas that need coating, it is recommended that a short nap mohair roller is used to assist with application.

Find out more about this Natural Decking Oil

Read more about Monocel Gold Decking Oil and it’s applications: Natural Decking Oil

Monocel Wood Stain Products

When requiring a good wood stain, Monocel have two fantastic products. Monocel Stain and Varnish and Monocel Gold Marine Grade Stain and Varnish are wood stains that will cater to any project big or small. Both products offer the convenience of a single product finish instead of a separate stain and clear system.

Wood StainMonocel Stain and Varnish

A superior easy to use wood stain finish that combines a stain and a varnish to protect your timber surfaces for daily use. It’s suitable for both interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, paneling and most timber projects. Monocel Stain and Varnish features advanced nanoZ technology which will maximise durability and gloss by protecting your timber from harmful UV rays.

Wood StainMonocel Gold Marine Grade Stain and Varnish

For extra protection on furniture and woodwork overcoat with Bondall Monocel Gold in Gloss, Satin or Ultra Gloss. Monocel Gold Marine Grade Stain and Varnish provides the highest level of protection for both interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, paneling and timber projects.

Wood Stain Colours

There are five Wood Stain Colours available to choose from when using Monocel Gold Stain & Varnish, and Monocel Stain and Varnish. Ideal for Timber Doors, Plywood, Outdoor furniture, and Timber panelling, these stain and varnishes will provide the suitable colour for your requirements.

Wood Stain Colours – Finishes:

Wood Stain Colours - Black


Wood Stain Colours - Teak


Wood Stain - Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Wood Stain - Cedar


Wood Stain Colours - Jarrah


Colour to be used as a guide only.

You can find out more about each product here: Monocel Wood Stain

Monocel – Timbercare Wood Varnish

wood varnishFor the ultimate protection of timber surfaces, the best wood varnish range is from Monocel. Designed for Australia’s harsh exterior environment, this range incorporates advanced nanoZ ™ technology specifically to combat the effects of UV light exposure.

Marine Grade Wood Varnish

Monocel Gold Clear Timber Varnish is a marine grade clear wood varnish that provides the highest level of protection to preserve the colour and texture of interior and exterior timber surfaces, whilst Monocel Gold Marine Grade Stain & Varnish provides protection for both interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, paneling and timber projects.

Monocel’s Timbercare website not only details both these products but many others that are ideal for wood working and timber projects. Plus there’s application guides and articles on timber inspiration to give you ideas for these projects.

Check it out here: Timbercare – Wood Varnish