DIY Sealing Solutions – Choose Your Preferred Cement Sealer

cement sealerWhen it comes to finding the right Cement Sealer, DIY Sealing Solutions have a range products right for you.

Cement Sealer range

There are three Cement Sealers to choose from, each catering for particular requirements:

Bondall Paving and Concrete Sealer is a great all purpose concrete sealer. It provides a dust proof, stabilised and enhanced natural colour to the concrete and provides excellent protection from staining and soiling.

Bondall Natural Finish Sealer is a revolutionary, penetrating, film forming water based sealer. It is ideal suited for sealing concrete, clay, natural stone, brickwork, large format paving and reconstituted limestone pavers on patios and other such areas.

Bondall Wet Look Sealer is a water based finish that forms a transparent film. It will provide a strong resistance against water damage, stains and household chemicals. Bit will leave a high gloss protective film to enhance the natural wet look of concrete and natural stone finishes.

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