Gardening Accessories from Blue Eye Gardening

Gardening AccessoriesBlue Eye Gardening manufacture a rage of Gardening Accessories that are designed to save you time and money in the garden. Their unique and revolutionary products include the Water Jet Power Washer and a range of novelty sprinklers called Garden Bling.

The Water Jet is an amazing high pressure hose attachment that turns the everyday ordinary water hose into a high power pressure washer. With no gas or electricity required, the Water Jet Power Washer has been designed to use the built-in pressure chamber to build a powerful jet stream directly from the garden hose. It’s an easy, economical solution for removing dirty and cleaning places outside and around the home.

The Garden Bling range consist of multi-purpose Ornamental Garden Sprinklers. These Ornamental Garden Sprinklers not only effectively water your garden in short periods of time, but will also provide great entertainment for kids on warm summers days. Water pressure from the hose spins the Ornamental Garden Sprinkler to provide a nice spread of water across the garden. The water sprays from the Ornamental Garden Sprinkler at a decent height, allowing children to cool off underneath it too.

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