Sealing Tiles with Tileguard

Sealing Tiles with TileguardFor Sealing Tiles, Tileguard comprises of a range of sealers that are ideally suited for use all around the home. No matter what surface you need cleaned or protected, the Tileguard range had a product suitable for the task.

As an all purpose sealer, use Tile and Grout Sealer. Tileguard Tile and Grout Sealer is a clear penetrating solution that will waterproof tiles and grout without creating a slippery film coating. It is specially designed to maximise water resistance reducing the growth of mould and mildew with no slippery surface.

For more specific tiles and surfaces, Tileguard comes in a range of sealers

Concrete Floor Sealer: Designed to be hard wearing, Tileguard Concrete Floor Sealer is a water based clear finish for coating concrete floors and natural stone surfaces. It provides excellent protection from staining and soiling and it will dust proof, stabilise and enhance the natural colour of the substrate.

Granite and Marble Sealer:  A transparent, water based, water-proofer, Tileguard Granite and Marble Sealer is designed to penetrate natural granite and marble surfaces. It provides effective water repellent qualities.

Porcelain and Ceramic Sealer: Tileguard Porcelain and Ceramic Sealer provides effective water repellent qualities as a transparent, water based water-proofer, designed to penetrate un-glazed porcelain and ceramic surfaces .

Slate Sealer Sealer: For slate, natural stone and various quarry tiles, use Slate Sealer. Is a single pack clear coating that leaves a glossy finish depending on the porosity, texture and application.

Terracotta Sealer: Tileguard Terracotta Sealer is a clear penetrating solution that will waterproof terracotta tiles without leaving a slippery film coating.

For more information on Tileguard, visit the website: Sealing Tiles with Tileguard